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``Asking questions makes us human, it helps us to make connections and understand each other. Dare to Ask sheds light on the art of asking.``

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When shall we meet up?

In organisations and schools there's a lot of focus on finding quick answers and solutions.

But are you asking the right questions?

We provide various ways to train you in questionology.

Question Storm

Made-to-measure Question Storms on a topic your team is working on right now. How does that sound?


Invite us to your company, school or conference for an inspiring talk on the art of asking.

Hi, we're Els & Jeroen,
the creators of Dare to Ask.

Els Dragt feels that being curious is not a crime. She is an independent researcher, trainer and lecturer with 20 years of experience. Els travels the globe to activate professionals and students to look elsewhere, to ask questions and to explore more. She is the author of several research related books and articles, such as How to Research Trends.

Jeroen Timmer’s brain is always on. He is a creative thinkerer, 24/7 on the lookout for new solutions that make this world a better place. He is trained in IT, worked at Sony and decided to switch careers. With a diploma at Rietveld Arts Academy under his belt, he now works as an independent circular designer at EnvelopeBook.

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